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Slut Walk NYC 2011

SlutWalk NYC is this weekend at Union Square.

 I’ll be in attendance with some friends and my own mother.  🙂  Check out the site and come down and join us.  Male or Female.

This is to raise awareness that a victim of rape and sexualized violence should not be blamed for being a victim because of her state of dress (which is often the case.  Instead of Guys, don’t rape.  We are told Ladies, don’t get raped.  Not cool.)  I was thinking about this the other day, and I think more guys should get on board with this cause.  It’s not just women that are getting a stigma that if we dress “slutty” we are inviting rape, men are getting slapped with a label of rapists.  This kind of thinking leads women to think that men overall are so poor at impulse control that they would just rape everything in a short skirt.  That’s not fair to you guys that aren’t rapists.  Also not cool.

So come down and check it out, or see if there’s one near your city.  They are springing up everywhere!




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Review – Terra Nova

So, Steven Spielberg strikes again!  This time with Terra Nova.  I won’t lie, Spielberg is a God.

Terra Nova is thus far, the story of a family traveling back in time to the pre-historic age to start over new since the modern world (100 or so years from now) is an environmental nightmare.  The Shannons had a third child, breaking the two child limit law, and Dad did some hard time for it.  They break him out and sneak the third child and Dad into the time vortex/steam/crack and bam!  Pre-historic settlement. 

Their teenage son rebels because he can and there was a piece of hot ass leading the way.  And then….DINOSAURS!  I can’t even describe how awesome dinosaurs are, and as history has proven they are done the best by Spielberg.  They were fantastic!   

The drama of the show was pretty even, though I did notice how the son, Josh, didn’t want to jump into the time stream unless he knew his Dad was coming.  But, once there he was mad that Dad had to go to prison for two years.  It seem a little jilted that he’d turn on his Dad after going through the trouble of getting him there moderately safely.  But, ultimately, Dad saves his ass from Slasher Dinos and all seems well. 

We are told there are other bad guys that aren’t the creatures that naturally habitat this world.  Sixers are the people from the sixth group of people to come to Terra Nova.  They apparently left when it was discovered that they were acting criminally and suspicious about security and things like that.  I expect that there’s far more to that then what the good leader, Nathaniel Taylor, is reporting.  Taylor has an affinity for writing scientific equations on rocks for reasons to be determined later.

How does this stack up against Spielberg’s other new show, Falling Skies?  I love both of these.  And they are totally different from one another except for the clear Spielberg-isms.  Children wise beyond their years (Matt on FS, Zoe on TN) and fantastic creatures (Aliens on FS, Dinos on TN) and family cohesiveness (Masons on FS, Shannons on TN).  And I’m on board with all of that in both cases.  Falling Skies moves a little more slowly that Terra Nova so far, but both stories are very compelling. 

Side Note: Because I watch a ton of BBC television, I see that this is similar in some respects to a show they did called Outcasts.  It was canceled over there and I expect that TN will be infinitely better than that.  Not that it wasn’t good, but it moved beyond slow.  It had such potential given its cast and they kind of wasted it.  Also, for BBC dinosaur action there is Primeval.  Which is nothing like TN.  Watch Primeval.  It’s unbelievably great!

Also, extra special points to Spielberg for hiring Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Steven Moffat to write The Adventures of TinTin.  Best. Move. Ever.


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Podcast as yet to be named.

I’m fast at work now on a podcast.  I have no name for it, but I do know it will be nerd based.  It will be a round table type atmosphere with 3 guys and myself.  I’m pretty jazzed about it and one of the co-hosts (Dan) and I are chatting each other up with bits and other production logistics.  I’ve never tried anything so big before (that’s what she said!) and I can’t wait to get started.



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I saw Moneyball last night, and I have to say, it was pretty fabulous. I love baseball like a crazy person and between Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, I don’t think the casting could have gotten better. I’m a liar. It did because Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it too. The story revolves around Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics team of 2002. It was a revolutionary story about how math and statistics made “the worst” team in baseball, one of the best.
I love the whole concept of this story. I loved it when the book came out and I love it in movie form. Think it was brilliantly acted, though the Oscar buzz around Brad Pitt is a little much I think. Not that it’s not good enough, it is. Just that this isn’t the type of thing that gets the Academy’s panties wet.
That being said, I wish they’d take a closer look at Jonah Hill’s performance. He’s a brilliant actor and clearly not limited to prat falls and dick jokes. Its great to see someone break out of a mold like that.
I recommend seeing this 100%


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I’ve decided to introduce this blog and myself by way of top 10 things I’d like to do before I die.  These are in no particular order, but some I’d clearly want to do before I’m that creepy old person.

#1 – Set foot on all seven continents.  – Pretty self explanatory. 

#2 – Visit the remains of the seven wonders of the world – I mean the originals.  Somehow when I’ve seen things like Big Ben, it just hold the magic that even a ruined ancient artifact holds.  Literally and metaphorically.  Trouble is, one of them is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  The ruined site is in Iraq.  As I understand it, things are a little tense over there right now.

#3 – Own my own business – This is a pretty common want.  I’m studying massage therapy and reflexology, so I’d like to have a holistic healing centre of my very own.

#4 – Go to San Diego Comic Con – This would fall under before I get old and creepy.  I think it’s the only place I’ll meet any cast member of Doctor Who.  By any member, I mean John Barrowman.  If you aren’t watching Doctor Who, you are silly and only hurting yourself.  Start with Series 1 (2005).  Its streaming on Netflix.

#5 – Climb the 46 high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains in New York – If you do them all and take pictures at the peaks, you get a nifty patch.  I want a nifty patch!!

#6 – Sub Orbital Flight – We are finally able to have commercially viable space travel, even if its short and sub orbital.  I’m just waiting for the price to go down.  Not unlike Blu Ray Players.

#7 – Start my own blog/podcast – Half way there!

#8 – Make a short film – In my wild misspent youth, I took a bunch of film classes.  I’d like to make something to show for all that hard work.  Besides the Firefly/Serenity fan videos that I made.  Because I’m that kind of nerd.  But not the kind to make slash or shipper videos (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

#9 – Become a Suicide Girl – Yep.  I want to be photographed naked for Suicide Girls.  Those ladies are my heroes.  I’m not joking around even a little bit. 

#10 – Own a home – I would just like a bigger place, really.  But to rent a house costs as much as a mortgage, so I should own it.  Right?  I’m always on the fence between ownership and renting.

So, that’s that then.  I’ll update on more things that I like and things that I see.  Answer questions, Ask questions and plug the things that I really like.  Like this.  And this.


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