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I’ve decided that I watch too much TV to try and maintain a stream of separate posts.  So what I will do now is list several show per post and what I liked and didn’t like about them.  Let’s do this!!


Like – Nikola Tesla!!  He’s so sassy and awesome.  And vampiric.  Being a bit of a double agent suits him well.  The subplot of Will and Biggie seeing those abnormal get fried was really as engaging as seeing the main thread.

Dislike – Nothing much to dislike this week.  I just miss Kate a little bit.  And what happened to Helen’s new lady love affair?  I thought that was especially hot and I want to see it addressed again. 



Like – I like that Kate finally realized what a mega-dick her dad is.  And I love that Ryan clearly has a thing for Jed, and sleeps with Molly anyway.  Molly should have been a little less overbearing though.  Straight or gay, who needs a need bitch like that?

Dislike – Kate’s still the biggest bitch ever.  She’s such an asshole to everyone around her, why does anyone talk to her.  And why on earth would Jed even consider making a move on her.  Especially since she pulled that dick move on her ex-lover married guy.  I’d like her more if she was still a bitch, but just a hint more compassion.  Ryan – seriously!  Why are you kidding yourself with this sleeping with women thing.  You were so happy at the gay bar a few episodes back.  I don’t feel bad for Molly, but I do for you.  Come out!!



Like – EVERYTHING!!  I love how Dexter is contemplating his own darkness because of Brother Sam.  Nick had that shit coming.  What an ass.  Even Debra is interesting this season!  I haven’t been interested in her plights since season one.  I like the trials that she’s going through with the promotion and LaGuerta is like a bad news/bad advice angel.  I’m glad she’s not marring Quinn.  Though I expect that she’ll reconsider by the end.  Travis letting that girl go was crazy awesome, but Gellar is going to be so pissed!!  And I’m really pumped to see Dexter’s brother.  :::gasp::: Trinity’s son!!

Dislike – I miss Dexter’s table.  Too bad he had to drown Nick.  I like the kill rooms.


Walking Dead

Like – Glenn gets laid!!  Super awesome.  Lori is a weirdo.  I wonder whose baby that is…it would seem obvious that its Shane’s so maybe it should be Rick’s.  Shane’s still a little crazy, but not as crazy as he seemed last week.  Daryl continues to prove that he brother is not related to him at all.  Out of all the characters on the show, Daryl is the one guy I’d want near me at all times.  And truth to tell, he’s easy on the eyes a little bit too.

Dislike – Andrea and Dale bore me.  I get it, Shane looks like he’ll get over Lori by climbing on Andrea.  But honestly, I couldn’t care less about her and her shitty attitude.  Dale is old and boring.  Oh and I get it, Carol.  It’s your kid and you are losing it without her.  But you are as useful as tits on a log when it comes to helping find her.  You are damn lucky to have Daryl around.  Anyone else think the old surgeon man should have been played by  John Lithgow?

 That’s it for now. 



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Yesterday was my 34th Birthday!  I still get kid excited for my birthdays.  Presents are the best!!  My mom got me another Michie (sp?) bag.  Its those bags from TV that have the removable outside.  They are surprisingly wonderful!  And instead of buying all the different covers (which is expensive), I sew covers to slip over the existing one that I have.  Pretty neat if you can sew!  My husband got me this dress. He’s so awesome!  They only have it in an extra small now, so I guess he got the last XL.  Things like that run small, so I can’t even picture who can get into an XS!!  At school, I got treated for massage.  In fact, I got a four handed massage.  Two guys treated me and I just can’t recommend this style massage enough.  It wasn’t intentional in my case, we just had an odd number of students.  I came out the winner on that!

I hope everyone has a great day today!  I’m still in my birthday glow…


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Challange Progress #3

Week 3 progress – Studying.  All my classes have high marks except one.  Neurology still eludes me.  I just can’t get all those name straight!  They all sound exactly the same with two letters changed.  There has to be a way for my ridiculous dyslexic mind to figure this out…Saving money is happening!  I should have $500 saved up by tomorrow.  With the holidays coming and all the traveling I need to so, this will be a life saver soon enough.  The wii – I did it!!  I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of dance just before Dexter on Sunday night.  It took a lot, but I did it!  I hope to extend the time and do it again this week.  Best score – Iko Iko  Worst score – Jump In The Line  Most difficult – Body Movin’.  Cleaning went super well.  For this week I cleaned the “guests are coming” stuff.  So all I have to do really is dust the living room and hard mop the kitchen.  I asked if I taped magic erasers to my mop, if that could be a thing that works.  My friend mentioned they already make the magic eraser mop!  Can you believe it!?  I can’t.

I hope this week turns out even better!


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