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The Hunger Games

Holy Shit!!  New character posters are up for the Hunger Games!


Let’s have a look!

Effie – She looks AMAZING.  Almost how I pictured her while reading.  I hope she has a reasonably quirky accent like I think she should.  🙂

Cinna – This is not how I pictured him, but I really love this casting.  And I haven’t liked Lenny Kravitz in like 10 years.  I think he’ll have that empathic demeanor and look in his eyes that I always thought was there.

Peeta – Still not on board with the bakery beefcake.  I just don’t like his face.  I’m sure I’ll be wrong about it.

Katniss – She looks perfect.  Every bit of youthful and bravery.  This is the best casting they’ve done.

Gale – Hottie flavor of the month.  I won’t lie, he’s hot.  I’m a cougar to that kid.  I don’t care. . .oops!  I got stuck thinking bad things about that dude.

Rue – I’m already going to cry.

Cato – Would have made a better Peeta.  Also, very hot.

Haymitch – I’m wrong!  This is THE BEST casting choice ever.  His look in the poster is a bananas!  I can’t even wait to see him fall down drunk and being a gross pest to Katniss.

That’s everyone for now.  I can’t wait to see the design team and Peeta’s design team!  I am crazy excited for this movie.  If you haven’t read the books yet, hurry up!  They are crazy awesome!



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I just heard about this website:


It means National Novel Writing Month.  You have to write a novel in one month that’s about 50,000 words or more.  This seems really challenging and fun.  I can’t wait to start my first one!


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The Hunger Games

So cool!


I loved these books!  I can’t wait to see the movie, however I’m not 100% on board with the casting of Peeta.  He just seems…not right somehow.  More on that as it develops… The casting of Haymitch, however, is the best casting decision I’ve seen in ages!  He’s going to steal the show.

The story is about a post apocalyptic North America in which the Capitol is in control of the country Panem.  There are 12 districts that have to send one boy and one girl every year as tributes to fight to the death in the hunger games.  The kids are between 12 and 18, and this is all televised for the Capitol’s enjoyment.  It was implemented as a punishment/example of what happens when the citizens rebel.  Its gory, violent, romantic, political, and a stunning piece of writing.  Feel free to check those books out!  It is a trilogy.

For those that are interested, at the website above, I was declared District 3.  Nice!

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