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Yesterday was my 34th Birthday!  I still get kid excited for my birthdays.  Presents are the best!!  My mom got me another Michie (sp?) bag.  Its those bags from TV that have the removable outside.  They are surprisingly wonderful!  And instead of buying all the different covers (which is expensive), I sew covers to slip over the existing one that I have.  Pretty neat if you can sew!  My husband got me this dress. He’s so awesome!  They only have it in an extra small now, so I guess he got the last XL.  Things like that run small, so I can’t even picture who can get into an XS!!  At school, I got treated for massage.  In fact, I got a four handed massage.  Two guys treated me and I just can’t recommend this style massage enough.  It wasn’t intentional in my case, we just had an odd number of students.  I came out the winner on that!

I hope everyone has a great day today!  I’m still in my birthday glow…



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Challange Progress #3

Week 3 progress – Studying.  All my classes have high marks except one.  Neurology still eludes me.  I just can’t get all those name straight!  They all sound exactly the same with two letters changed.  There has to be a way for my ridiculous dyslexic mind to figure this out…Saving money is happening!  I should have $500 saved up by tomorrow.  With the holidays coming and all the traveling I need to so, this will be a life saver soon enough.  The wii – I did it!!  I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of dance just before Dexter on Sunday night.  It took a lot, but I did it!  I hope to extend the time and do it again this week.  Best score – Iko Iko  Worst score – Jump In The Line  Most difficult – Body Movin’.  Cleaning went super well.  For this week I cleaned the “guests are coming” stuff.  So all I have to do really is dust the living room and hard mop the kitchen.  I asked if I taped magic erasers to my mop, if that could be a thing that works.  My friend mentioned they already make the magic eraser mop!  Can you believe it!?  I can’t.

I hope this week turns out even better!


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A few weeks back, I lost my wedding rings. I was in massage class and I was already on the table and naked when I told my partner to put my rings in my bag. He put them in the wrong bag. I wasn’t mad at him as I was myself for thinking he’d know the difference between two purses. He’s just a guy afterall. 
This was the fourth week they’d been missing. I thought she’d come to class or the school would help track her down. None of those things happened. Today I called the police to file a report. They were so nice and helpful. They were going to watch the surveillance tapes and call me later today.  Just after I left, the guy that misplaced them in the first place called me and found the girl and returned the rings.
Everyone told me how sold off those rings were, and I insisted that they weren’t and that people are inherently good and that I’d get the rings back.
I did. I’m right. Take that negative nancies!

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What happened??

That was exhausting!  Sorry to be gone for those few days.

What’s new in the world?  Sad to see Steve Jobs go.  I don’t care for Apple products, but the man was pretty brilliant.

That orgy lady walked.  I didn’t come down on either side of that, mostly because I don’t care.

Awww!  I love this. http://youtu.be/RwEYYI-AGWs  New York City is awesome.

The Playboy Club was canceled.  I liked that show, especial since Sean Maher was in it. 

Dexter came back!!  I love Dexter like a crazy person.  I’m not doing a review on it, because I don’t think I can objective.  I could watch a whole season of Dexter killing people and shitting and I’d give it a good review.

On a personal note, I got my seventh tattoo.  Its half way done, so no picture just yet (but the outline is here).  That’s a vulture and a mummy.  It’s a whole death and rebirth thing.

Its official, I just bought my first Yule gift.  I feel like I start earlier and earlier every year.  Pretty soon, I’ll start shopping for Yule at Beltane.  (those are my wiccan/pagan holidays.)

So…that’s that for now.

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So, this weekend was a pretty busy one for me.  I went to my first protest.  It was my first because I don’t think protests work and I was a little duped.  There’s a difference between raising awareness about a thing and protesting it.  Raising awareness shows that there is a thing, most likely social or medical, that needs attention and you are here to call attention to it and raise money to help its victims.  Protests are things you do when you want to effect change.  The draw back to protesting is that it rarely works.  It only truly can work when there is an actual bottom line.  For example: gay marriage.  People want to make gay marriage legal.  They protest, petition their government leaders and protest some more.  The bottom line is a law was passed in New York State allowing gays to married.  PARTY! (I am in wild support of gay rights)  In the instance of Slutwalk, protesting and chanting to show you’re anti-rape or anti-discrimination because of a style of clothes you wear is considered encouraging to rape.  What are you getting at?  You can’t pass a law that makes people think different and there’s already a law on the books specifically about raping.  As in you are not allowed to rape people.  So what’s the point of taking to the streets?  There isn’t one.  That is why I don’t protest.  Slutwalk would be better served as a 5k raising money to help rape and violence against women victims.  It would go a lot further than stripping down to next to nothing yelling various chants to no end.  And in the gay marriage example, the closed minded didn’t change their minds, the supporters became the change they wanted to see.  Letter writing, running for office, and demanding rights is how you enact change.  In case you were wondering, I don’t go to the gay pride parade either.  I find it offensive to demand equality while wearing a sock on your dick.  Women didn’t demand the right to vote by walking in the streets in their underwear to show how equal they are.  I am pro parade, I’m anti spectacle.

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Slut Walk NYC 2011

SlutWalk NYC is this weekend at Union Square.

 I’ll be in attendance with some friends and my own mother.  🙂  Check out the site and come down and join us.  Male or Female.

This is to raise awareness that a victim of rape and sexualized violence should not be blamed for being a victim because of her state of dress (which is often the case.  Instead of Guys, don’t rape.  We are told Ladies, don’t get raped.  Not cool.)  I was thinking about this the other day, and I think more guys should get on board with this cause.  It’s not just women that are getting a stigma that if we dress “slutty” we are inviting rape, men are getting slapped with a label of rapists.  This kind of thinking leads women to think that men overall are so poor at impulse control that they would just rape everything in a short skirt.  That’s not fair to you guys that aren’t rapists.  Also not cool.

So come down and check it out, or see if there’s one near your city.  They are springing up everywhere!



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