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I’ve decided that I watch too much TV to try and maintain a stream of separate posts.  So what I will do now is list several show per post and what I liked and didn’t like about them.  Let’s do this!!


Like – Nikola Tesla!!  He’s so sassy and awesome.  And vampiric.  Being a bit of a double agent suits him well.  The subplot of Will and Biggie seeing those abnormal get fried was really as engaging as seeing the main thread.

Dislike – Nothing much to dislike this week.  I just miss Kate a little bit.  And what happened to Helen’s new lady love affair?  I thought that was especially hot and I want to see it addressed again. 



Like – I like that Kate finally realized what a mega-dick her dad is.  And I love that Ryan clearly has a thing for Jed, and sleeps with Molly anyway.  Molly should have been a little less overbearing though.  Straight or gay, who needs a need bitch like that?

Dislike – Kate’s still the biggest bitch ever.  She’s such an asshole to everyone around her, why does anyone talk to her.  And why on earth would Jed even consider making a move on her.  Especially since she pulled that dick move on her ex-lover married guy.  I’d like her more if she was still a bitch, but just a hint more compassion.  Ryan – seriously!  Why are you kidding yourself with this sleeping with women thing.  You were so happy at the gay bar a few episodes back.  I don’t feel bad for Molly, but I do for you.  Come out!!



Like – EVERYTHING!!  I love how Dexter is contemplating his own darkness because of Brother Sam.  Nick had that shit coming.  What an ass.  Even Debra is interesting this season!  I haven’t been interested in her plights since season one.  I like the trials that she’s going through with the promotion and LaGuerta is like a bad news/bad advice angel.  I’m glad she’s not marring Quinn.  Though I expect that she’ll reconsider by the end.  Travis letting that girl go was crazy awesome, but Gellar is going to be so pissed!!  And I’m really pumped to see Dexter’s brother.  :::gasp::: Trinity’s son!!

Dislike – I miss Dexter’s table.  Too bad he had to drown Nick.  I like the kill rooms.


Walking Dead

Like – Glenn gets laid!!  Super awesome.  Lori is a weirdo.  I wonder whose baby that is…it would seem obvious that its Shane’s so maybe it should be Rick’s.  Shane’s still a little crazy, but not as crazy as he seemed last week.  Daryl continues to prove that he brother is not related to him at all.  Out of all the characters on the show, Daryl is the one guy I’d want near me at all times.  And truth to tell, he’s easy on the eyes a little bit too.

Dislike – Andrea and Dale bore me.  I get it, Shane looks like he’ll get over Lori by climbing on Andrea.  But honestly, I couldn’t care less about her and her shitty attitude.  Dale is old and boring.  Oh and I get it, Carol.  It’s your kid and you are losing it without her.  But you are as useful as tits on a log when it comes to helping find her.  You are damn lucky to have Daryl around.  Anyone else think the old surgeon man should have been played by  John Lithgow?

 That’s it for now. 



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Once Upon A Time

New Show Time!

This time we try out Once Upon A Time.  And it was pretty good.  Robert Carlyle was my main draw into this show.  That guy is the greatest and he sure didn’t disappoint as Rumpelstiltskin!  The idea of this story is that fairy tale characters are real and their world was cursed into because this picturesque town in Maine.  The Evil Queen takes all the happy endings away but dumping everyone into an ordinary life in Maine.  In the small town scenario the Evil Queen is the mayor of Storybrook.  Jimminy Cricket is the town shrink and snow white is a school teacher.  Rumpelstiltskin owns the town.  Anyway, Prince Charming and Snow White has a kid named Emma and they give her into a protective tree closet and she ends up in Boston.  Its prophized that she will return and restore everything.  She also has a kid that she gave up for adoption and the Evil Mayor adopts him.  The kid finds his birth mom with a stolen credit card and drags her up to Maine.  Evil Mayor is evil and doesn’t love her adopted son.  Emma realizes this and rents a room to stay for a week.

I’m really curious to see where this is going to go.  This could either be really great or really awful.  This, as a series opener goes, was the former.  I liked the flashing back and forth between real world and fairy world to show how things were going to unfold. I wasn’t too sure about how a 10 or so year old boy can get from ME to MA on a stolen credit card, but I’ll bite that no one stopped him or asked where his parents were or why he’s buying tickets with a credit card himself.  Also, how willing to drive to Maine is a person that doesn’t want to be found by her given up son?  Maine is far.  We aren’t talking an hour there and an hour back.  I would have just called the police and let them sort it out.  But I’m dead inside, so there’s that.

Overall, I’ll suspend my disbelief into the next episode and try to see more Robert Carlyle!




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2 Broke Girls

I wasn’t going to watch this initially because it’s a sitcom and it does not take place in outer space or involve dinosaurs.  But, at the urging of a girlfriend, I checked it out.

She was 100% right!  This show is outstandingly funny!  Especially if you are familiar with being poor and the hipsters that loiter Williamsburg Brooklyn. 

Now, because sitcoms don’t have any notable plots I won’t be reviewing it.  But I will pop up the best lines thus far (because I’m real late to the game…again!)


  • Max to customer: “I wear knit hats because it’s cold out. You wear knit hats because of Coldplay.”


  • Caroline on ex-boyfriend: “What’d you see in that guy anyway?”

    Max: “He had those muscle thingies. . . . I don’t know what those are called but they make smart girls stupid.”


  • Max to Caroline: “Don’t smile. Because it raises the bar and then I have to smile, and I can’t be doing that. It’s exhausting and I have a bad back.”

Happy Watching!


ps – this isn’t on demand with Fios for some reason.  I guess I’ll have to use an “alternative” method of watching…

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Review – Terra Nova

This might be my last review for this show.  I watched the preview and thought that *maybe* its about to turn around.  That preview might as well have said “and now the shit gets real!”.  What they meant was real slow and once again, only one cameo from a dinosaur.  WTF!

This week a little girl runs away and the Shannons take her in.  They she lies to save her brother but the leader of the sixers is nicer than Jim thought.  Their kids still suck and that military guy used the word “courting” when asking out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Sorry!  I feel asleep even writting this review.  I’ve forgotten most names on this show because I just don’t care.  UGH!!  I think I’ll just start up another show instead.  I hear that Once Upon A Time show is supposed to kill.  See you Sunday, new show.

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Review – Terra Nova

We are three episodes in and things are not going so well. This week, Elisabeth catches some memory loss virus and he ex is a total douche about it by putting the moves on her. Jim kicked his ass. Good. That guy sucks.
The teenagers are doing more teenage crap. That’s incredibly dull. I like you, do you like me…yawn.
They figure out that since Jim had a cold, the cold virus blocked the memory virus. And to give Elisabeth the cold, they make out. So…love kills a virus. I can’t even describe how lame that is.
The sixers make a cameo at the end. They apparently have big plans for Jake. That’s supposed to get me excited and I already kind of don’t care.
This show is moving at an evolutionary pace. Which is to say so slow that I might evolve wings before anything fun/dramatic happens. More dinosaurs, less family bullshit please. You know, I know dinosaurs are expensive to make and stuff, but if the bbc can afford all the ones they use in Primeval, then what’s the problem Fox? You have triple their budget and a third less dinos. I didn’t sign on for ordinary people problems, I signed on for dinosaurs and the drama there in.
Ps – all those people have already changed the future just by what the leave behind. Namely their dead. This had better be a future episode discussion.

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Golden Age

Chris Hardwick (nerdist.com) made a strong point recently.  We are in a golden age of television where there are so many really good quality shows on right now.

Because of cable shows and premium shows on movie channels, there’s this whole flood gate of programming that’s near impossible to keep up with.  I used to limit myself, but I just can’t.  This whole things spiraled out of control!  Here’s a list of shows I actively watch or try to watch with some regularity.

*Terra Nova (needs to improve drastically before I stop watching)

*Castle (it’s the best every week.  Nathan Fillion is a star!)

*Boardwalk Empire (another homerun of a show.  Michael Pitt still creeps me out from Funny Games)

*Dexter (!!)

*Walking Dead (can’t wait for that to happen this weekend!)

*Big Bang Theory (there’s nothing I don’t like about that concept)

*New Girl (isn’t Zoey D the cutest!?)

Warehouse 13 (just ended and already I’m holding my breath for next season)

Eureka (I’m still hurting from the sudden cancelation)

*Sanctuary (just started back up!  What a great show and great behind the scenes story!)

Torchwood (finished its first American run.  That’s a long sorted story on why it might not have took as well here)

Doctor Who (almost 50 years strong!)

Primeval (what terra nova wishes it was)

True Blood (fingers crossed that Tara stays dead)

*Bedlam (British horror!  I love it.)

*Community (I’m late to this party, so I’m playing catch up)

*Supernatural (I’m really late to this party…)

*Bored to Death (Ted Danson is the only reason you need to watch this show.  There are other reasons, but he’s the one)

*Free Agents (British comedy!)

Sherlock (Steven Moffet’s version of this story blows the movies right out of the water.)

Ringer (Its backing up on my DVR)

Strike Back (I watch the first two episodes and I adore it.  Cinamax lives at a friend’s house though)

*Homeland (also backing up on my DVR.  Husband said it was incredible and I should hurry up)

*2 Broke Girls (Backed up…)

*American Horror Story (I’m almost in trouble with my friends for being behind on this)

Normally I don’t care for “reality” TV, but there are three that I think qualify.

America’s Got Talent (I have a thing for Piers Morgan)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (seriously.)

Top Gear (the UK version.  The US one is boring.)

Wow.  That list is tremendous.   

Is there a show I am missing?  What should I be watching?

*are shows currently airing or airing on my Netflix to catch up


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Review – Terra Nova

Sorry this is late, it hard to keep up!
So, last Sunday was an okay episode. It revolved around a migrating dinosaur flock for mating purposes. They were killing folks for being on their turf. The resolution of this seemed a little easy to get to, but I expect that’s just a device to show character growth.
It was an okay episode as far as character building goes and quite slow with the action. I hope this just a common lull that most series have after the premiere.  The Shannon family is building their bonds and it seems an old flame happens to be here for Elisabeth. I hope they don’t go for a triangle. It would be quite forced considering all the laws she broke to get Jim into this time stream in the first place.
Here to last night’s episode gaining speed!


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