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Challange Progress #2

Week 2 progress – Studying is going pretty well.  I knocked it out on the reflexology tests with a B+.  normally that’s not that thrilling, but considering that everyone else practically bombed it, i’m happy.  Next week is the big neurology test.  Our professor postponed it because of a death in the family.  Savings is going pretty rough, but I managed to squirrel away $100.  And I have the change jar.  Which doesn’t sound overly savey, but its really big now.  I’m sure it will come in handy someday.  I’m failing at the wii thing.  It seems when time gets tight, its the first thing i drop from the schedule.  Maybe I should redesign my scheduling…Cleaning is going good.  I’ve done most of the living room and I just have to dust and do the windows.  Yikes!  I’m having movie guests on Friday, so that is always a huge motivator for me.  No need to let people actually see what a slob I am!  

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Challenge Progress #1

Week 1 progress – I studied up for my medical ethics and reflexology classes.  I got a 105 (extra credit!) on the medical ethics test, and I’m not yet sure on the reflexology one.  I know I stepped a little out of sequence on the practical, but I think I did well on the written.  The real challenge is next week when I take the Neurology midterm.  That’s the class that’s killing me.  I was unable to save a ton of money this week.  Groceries and two huge credit card bills were due.  The third week of the month is always the most difficult.  I haven’t used my wii yet, but that ties directly in with the deep cleaning goal.  I cleaned up my craft room (again!) which is only half a room.  The other half is my husband’s guitar crap.  The reason I can’t play the wii is because he’s continually blocking the console with amplifiers, then blaming me for not having enough room to get through my craft side of the room to his side.  He can eat shit now, because there’s nothing stopping him.

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I challenge Myself……

On swap bot (a website where you exchange cool shit with strangers) I was asked to challenge myself to a series of “betterment” exercises.  Here’s what I chose:

#1 make a greater effort with studying for my massage classes. (I was recently destroyed on a test, and I know i’m better than that.)

#2 put more money into our savings. I bet home ownership would be nice! (We had a plan in place, but we have slacked off big time!)

#3 use my wii workout games like just dance at least once a week. (I would say more, but I figure its easier to go from park to first gear than jump right to third gear!)

#4 deep clean one room a week until all that’s needed is simple maintenance. (I expect this to be the hardest of all!)

I’ll up date this with progress reports on how this is all working out.


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