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I saw Moneyball last night, and I have to say, it was pretty fabulous. I love baseball like a crazy person and between Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, I don’t think the casting could have gotten better. I’m a liar. It did because Philip Seymour Hoffman was in it too. The story revolves around Billy Beane and the Oakland Athletics team of 2002. It was a revolutionary story about how math and statistics made “the worst” team in baseball, one of the best.
I love the whole concept of this story. I loved it when the book came out and I love it in movie form. Think it was brilliantly acted, though the Oscar buzz around Brad Pitt is a little much I think. Not that it’s not good enough, it is. Just that this isn’t the type of thing that gets the Academy’s panties wet.
That being said, I wish they’d take a closer look at Jonah Hill’s performance. He’s a brilliant actor and clearly not limited to prat falls and dick jokes. Its great to see someone break out of a mold like that.
I recommend seeing this 100%



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