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Once Upon A Time

New Show Time!

This time we try out Once Upon A Time.  And it was pretty good.  Robert Carlyle was my main draw into this show.  That guy is the greatest and he sure didn’t disappoint as Rumpelstiltskin!  The idea of this story is that fairy tale characters are real and their world was cursed into because this picturesque town in Maine.  The Evil Queen takes all the happy endings away but dumping everyone into an ordinary life in Maine.  In the small town scenario the Evil Queen is the mayor of Storybrook.  Jimminy Cricket is the town shrink and snow white is a school teacher.  Rumpelstiltskin owns the town.  Anyway, Prince Charming and Snow White has a kid named Emma and they give her into a protective tree closet and she ends up in Boston.  Its prophized that she will return and restore everything.  She also has a kid that she gave up for adoption and the Evil Mayor adopts him.  The kid finds his birth mom with a stolen credit card and drags her up to Maine.  Evil Mayor is evil and doesn’t love her adopted son.  Emma realizes this and rents a room to stay for a week.

I’m really curious to see where this is going to go.  This could either be really great or really awful.  This, as a series opener goes, was the former.  I liked the flashing back and forth between real world and fairy world to show how things were going to unfold. I wasn’t too sure about how a 10 or so year old boy can get from ME to MA on a stolen credit card, but I’ll bite that no one stopped him or asked where his parents were or why he’s buying tickets with a credit card himself.  Also, how willing to drive to Maine is a person that doesn’t want to be found by her given up son?  Maine is far.  We aren’t talking an hour there and an hour back.  I would have just called the police and let them sort it out.  But I’m dead inside, so there’s that.

Overall, I’ll suspend my disbelief into the next episode and try to see more Robert Carlyle!





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