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Yesterday was my 34th Birthday!  I still get kid excited for my birthdays.  Presents are the best!!  My mom got me another Michie (sp?) bag.  Its those bags from TV that have the removable outside.  They are surprisingly wonderful!  And instead of buying all the different covers (which is expensive), I sew covers to slip over the existing one that I have.  Pretty neat if you can sew!  My husband got me this dress. He’s so awesome!  They only have it in an extra small now, so I guess he got the last XL.  Things like that run small, so I can’t even picture who can get into an XS!!  At school, I got treated for massage.  In fact, I got a four handed massage.  Two guys treated me and I just can’t recommend this style massage enough.  It wasn’t intentional in my case, we just had an odd number of students.  I came out the winner on that!

I hope everyone has a great day today!  I’m still in my birthday glow…



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