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Challange Progress #3

Week 3 progress – Studying.  All my classes have high marks except one.  Neurology still eludes me.  I just can’t get all those name straight!  They all sound exactly the same with two letters changed.  There has to be a way for my ridiculous dyslexic mind to figure this out…Saving money is happening!  I should have $500 saved up by tomorrow.  With the holidays coming and all the traveling I need to so, this will be a life saver soon enough.  The wii – I did it!!  I managed to squeeze in 30 minutes of dance just before Dexter on Sunday night.  It took a lot, but I did it!  I hope to extend the time and do it again this week.  Best score – Iko Iko  Worst score – Jump In The Line  Most difficult – Body Movin’.  Cleaning went super well.  For this week I cleaned the “guests are coming” stuff.  So all I have to do really is dust the living room and hard mop the kitchen.  I asked if I taped magic erasers to my mop, if that could be a thing that works.  My friend mentioned they already make the magic eraser mop!  Can you believe it!?  I can’t.

I hope this week turns out even better!



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